Gift Index & Redeeming a Gift Certificate

Learn about how to manage available and redeemed gift purchases from the index page. Also, how to redeem gift certificates in studio.


Gift Index Page

Click on 'Gift Certificates' in the left navagation to manage all certificate codes and record new gift certificate purchases on the index page. From here you can ses what gift certificates have and have not been redeemed. Also, view mailing addresses, delivery method, pass purchased, purchased date along with the buyer and recipient's name.

The gift certificate index page is also where you can verifiy gift codes so they can be redeemed.


Redeem Gift Certificates

To redeem a pass, copy the gift code from the index page. Then you can create an account for the recipient if they are new or you can go to their profile page if they already exist. From there, select the pass type from the purchase dropdown, select "Redeem Gift Certificate' as the payment method and paste in the gift code. Record the purchase and that will redeem the gift of yoga to your student.