Purchase Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates can be purchased in studio or online by your students. In this section will learn about how to record gift purchases and also the student's online experience.




Record a Gift Purchase in Studio

First, if the buyer does not have an account in your studio you will need to add them as a new person.

You can record a gift certificate purchase in studio by going to Gift Certificates -> New Gift Certificates Purchase

From there, search for and select the buyer of the gift pass, select the pass type, the payment method and record the gift purchase.

At this point the buyer will receive an email with the gift code or you can provide them with a custom gift card of your own. Just remember to write the gift code on the gift card so the recipient can redeem it.


Purchase Gift Certificate Online

Students can purchase any pass you make available as a gift online from the embedded payment form.

To purchase a gift certificate from the online store click on 'this is a gift' and select the pass you wish to purchase. Then let us know who the gift is for and select a delivery method. If you choose to have the gift delivered by mail, a mailing address is required. 

Continue by completing the payment form with billing and credit card information.