Student Access

There are a few ways you can claim an existing student account at a studio that uses Tula Software.

The best way to claim an account is from the studio's website if the studio is using our student access widget. Just enter your email address, click on create new password, enter your email one more time and follow the links in the email that is sent to you!



Another way to claim your account and set your password is to click on the 'Login / Create Account' link on the studio's calendar.


Next, enter your email in the 'Create or claim your account' field and click on continue. 


Click on 'create a new password'


Enter your email one more time and 'Send me Instructions'


You will receive and email with a link you can use to set / reset your password. This link is only valid for 1 hour after requested so be sure to retrieve the email right away.

Once your password is set you can go back to the studio's website to login and manage your account. If you need help finding the student web app for your studio or if you need a hand, just let us know!