Here you will find a collection of questions that we found to be to the most frequent over the years about classes and passes.


- How do I cancel a class?

To cancel a class you can edit the event and add **CANCELED** to the title of the class or you can always just delete the class from your schedule entirely.

If you have students that are registered for the event then you can send them an email using the retention center email feature in Tula or send an email outside of Tula to let them know the class is canceled.


- Can I edit the expiration date of a student's pass?

You have the ability to edit an expiration date after the pass has been purchased. 

Search for and select the student using the search bar at the top of any page. Next, click on the 'purchases' tab. You will see all the passes that have been purchased by this student. Find the pass you wish to edit and click on the 'edit' link that is to the right of the expiration date, save date and then relax.

If the pass does not have an expiration date you can add one by clicking the 3 dot menu icon on the pass and choose 'expire pass'. An expiration date will be added to the pass so you can edit the date if you need to.



- Can credits and/or passes be transferred between students?

When you check a student into class you have the ability to transfer one class credit from one student to another. This can be used for shared passes, a family pass or even if a student brings a friend to class.

To transfer a credit, check a student into class. Then click on 'record new purchase' to the right of the student who is going to recieve the credit. Then click on the transfer tab and type in the name of the student who is giving the credit and click 'transfer credit'.



You can also transfer passes from one student to another. Go to the pass owner's proifle page to find the pass on the purchases tab. Click on the 3 dot menu icon and choose to transfer the pass to another student. Search for and select the student who will receive the pass to complete the transfer.

Important: You cannot transfer a membership pass from one student to another because of the credit card assoicated with the pass.

Also, when you transfer a pass the system will tranfer all credits that come with the pass, not just the unused credits. If you move a pass that has paid for attendances, those attendances will become unpaid.

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