Setup multiple custom emails on passes that are triggered when the passes are purchased. Email triggers are great for: 

  • Set up a drip welcome email campaign for people who purchase an intro pass
  • Send instructions for a retreat your planning, when people purchase a pass to the retreat
  • Give people instructions for where to meet you on the beach for your SUP yoga classes
  • Remind people about the benefits of your memberships when they purchase a non-membership pass.

And much more!


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How it works

To start using this triggers feature, simply create a new pass, or edit an existing pass. On that page you'll see the option of adding a trigger to a pass. Start by selecting a delay (how long we should wait) and finish up by composing the email and save. 


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Multiple Triggers and Copying Triggers

You can add as many triggers as you'd like to a pass, just click on the add new trigger button. If you want to use an existing email trigger you can select copy trigger and select the email you want to use. 


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Manage Triggers

Once you've added triggers to a pass, you can easily see what passes have triggers on them by way of the little lightning bolt that will now appear next to the pass name.


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