Tula payment forms make online purchases a breeze for your students. No need to waste time creating an account with Tula, they can easily purchase passes directly form your website without an account. We believe your students should interact with your business first!

Make sure you setup your payment form then learn how you can customize and embed payment forms seamlessly into your website.



Customize and Embed Payment Forms

To create a custom calendar you can start by going to menu -> website widgets -> custom setup -> payment form and from there you can:

Select colors:  Enter a hex color code or use our color picker to set your backgorund, primary text, secondary text and link colors. 

Prompt: Inform your students to select a pass from the drop down on the payment form.

Select Passes: Use the drop downs to select the passes you want to include on this payment form. If you want to show all passes that you selected when you setup your form then you can skip step.

Preview Payment Form: Now you can check out the payment form and make sure you like the way it looks before you embed it.

Embed Custom Payment Form: Copy the code in the blue box and paste it into your website to embed it where you want. If you need a hand we'd be happy to help, just give us a holler at help@tulasoftware.com. Once you've put the payment form in your website, your students will have quick and easy way to buy a pass to your studio.

Link to the Payment Form: You also have the option of using a link on your website or sending the link in an email that will take students to this specific payment form.

Create Multiple Payments Forms: If you want to create more than one payment form then you can refresh this page and start over. Any periviously created payment forms will still work so feel free to create as many as you need!


Embed Payment Form with Iframe

Unfortunately some website management systems will not allow you to embed the payment form using the Javascript code. But don't worry because you can use an iFrame code instead. The iFrame code is responsive as long as the width is set to 100%. You can adjust the height of the calendar by changing the number that comes after 'height'. You will not find this code inside Tula anymore so here it is:

<iframe width="100%" height="1600" src="https://yourstudio.tulasoftware.com/external_form" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Be sure to replace the 'yourstudio' section of the url with your studio name. This will be the same url as you see when you are logged into your Tula account.

Note: Hosted wordpress (sites hosted at wordpress.com) do not support iFrames. You may want to consider using a service such as WPEngine.com which provides people with full control of their sites without the hassle of hosting it themselves, or using Squarespace for your studio's website.