Frequently Asked Questions:


How can I gave a student a gift for an open dollar amount?

Tula does not keep track of open dollar amounts. Instead, your students can buy specific passes as gifts. This eliminates the need to give change or owe the student a small dollar amount as a credit. 


Where can I find passes that have not been redeemed?

Go to the gift certificates page to view all gifts that have not been redeemed. From here you can get info like the recipient, gift delivery options, gift pass purchased and more!


Where can I see who's account a gift certificate has been redeemed?

Go to the gift certificates page and click on the redeemed tag. From there you will see who's account these passes have been redeemed to. 


How do student's redeem a gift certificate online?

Currently students cannot redeem their gift pass online, it can only be done in the studio or over the phone. The recipient will need to have the 4 digit gift code on hand to redeem the pass.