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We created a powerful companion to our browser app and gave it a presence in the world's most important online store, Apple's App Store.

The Tula Software iOS app is available for free and can be used by students to manage their credit cards on file, make purchases, register for classes, view the studio schedule, attendance history, payment history, purchase history and manage their personal information.

Admin and Desk users can use our iOS app to record student purchases, check students into class, register students for class, manage student credit cards, match online payments and much more!

The app also comes with our optional waiver feature. Once you create your custom waiver in the main app, your new and/or returning students can sign it electronically. The waiver feature is only available with our premium plan or can be added to your base plan for $20 a month.


Register and Checking in

You can add students to the registration list by clicking on the class and then the registration list. Next, search and select the student's name and they will be added to the registration list.


Registration List


Search for Student

Registered Student









If they are new to your studio select add new person, fill out the form and click on add person. That new student will be added to your studio and the registration list of the class.


Add New Person

Fill Out Form

Registered New Student










When it is time for class, you can easliy click the check in button next to each student's name in the registration list. They will drop down to the check in list of the class where you can see the pass used and their credits remaining. If the student needs credits then you can record a new purchase from the check in page.



Checked in Student








If a class does not have a registration list or if the student is not on the list, you can check them in by clicking on check in. Then search and select the student to be checked in.

Like always, if they are new to your studio you can click add a new person, fill out the form and save. They will be checked into class and added to your studio.


Record New Purchase 

Just like the main broswer app, you can record a new purchase from the check in page of a class or directly on a student's profile page.

To record a new purchase from an event check in page, simply click record new purchase under the student's name. From there you can select the pass and payment method then hit record. The purchase will be added to the student's account.

Record New purchase

Select Pass

Purchase Recorded

To record a purchase from a student's profile page open the navigation and click search people. Search then select the student and that will take you to the profile page. From there click the purchases tab, click Buy a pass, select the pass, select payment method and hit record. That purchase will then be applied to the student's account.







Matching Online Payments

Incoming payments can be matched using the iOS app just as easy as the main app.

In the navigation select match payments. From there you can match online payments and/or add the student as a new person to your studio. You can also ignore or edit the payment.

Once the payment is matched, the purchase will be applied to the student's account.


Navigation Match Payment

Match Payment

Payment Matched

Manage Student Profiles

You can record new purchases, manage credit cards, view credits remaining, special event uses, view attendances, view purchases and even payments using the iOS apps

Head over the navigation, select search people, type and select the student from the drop down.

To record a new purchase go to the payments tab and hit buy pass. From there, select the pass to purchase then select the payment method and record the purchase.


Search People


Record New Purchase










While still on the student's profile page you can manage a user's credit cards by going to manage cards on the bottom. From there, edit existing cards and/or add new cards to the student's account. If you need to remove a card go to edit and then delete card.

Manage Credit Cards

Delete Credit Card