Merging users can easily be done if you have two accounts for one person in your studio.

Sometimes you might have two accounts for one student and if that happens then you can merge accounts together. We will move all info over to the winner of the merge and remove the losing account from your studio. 

To merge accounts:

  1. Go to one of the accounts you want to merge
  2. Click 3 dot menu icon and select edit
  3. Now select merge
  4. Search for and select the second account to be merged. After you select the second account make sure both emails and are different. If they are the same then you will need to search and select the account again.
  5. Select the email you want to keep as the winner of the merge.
  6. All info moves to the winner and the loser is removed from your studio.
Search & select first account then edit

Select Merge

Search & select second account, select winner then merge