Purcahses can be recorded in many places throughout the main web app and our mobile iOS apps. Learn about how to record purchases from all these outlets below and about Tula's context aware buy-flow.


Online Purchases

In order for students to be able to buy passes online you first have to setup the payment center and embed our payment form into your website. Then new and existing students can go straight your site, fill out the payment form to make a purchase. If the student is new or if they make an online purchase as a guest (not logged in) then the studio will get notification to match the payment. If the existing student logs in to make their purchase then the studio will not need to take further action.



In Studio and Mobile Purchases 

In addition to making payments online, the other way students can choose to make a purchase is by coming into your physical location - or by joining you at the beach for sunrise yoga if that happens to be your thing. You can record purchases on a student account in the browser and on the iphone app or ipad app by:

  • Recording a purchase on a profile page
  • Recording a purchase as part of the check-in process

These actions can be done in the web browser as well as on the iPhone and iPad apps. Once you choose what pass someone is purchasing, simply choose the payment method and record the purchase. If a credit card is on file you can immediately use that as an option to charge it, or you can easily add a credit card by choosing 'Enter Credit Card'. When recording a purchase using the iPhone or iPad app, you'll also have the option of using the camera as a scanner as an input option for capturing credit card information.


Record purchases when checking people in...

or when on their profile page.

Quickly conduct one time charges and effortlessly store credit cards.


Get the same great check-in and purchase experience on the iPhone and iPad applications.



Students Making Purchases

Purchases can be made by your students in a variety of ways with Tula Software. It's important to understand with Tula that we DO NOT try to funnel everyone who wants to make a purchase through the same purchase flow. We think this leads to lost revenue and a frustrating experience for students. Instead our purchase flow is 'context aware'.


Context Aware Buy-Flows

We provide the best buying experience for your students at all times, considering whether they are visiting your website or using our iPhone apps, whether they're logged in or logged out, whether it's likely their first visit to your studio or they're a returning student, and whether - when in the purchase flow within the registration process - the class requires payment in order to register.

We believe the experience that students have on your website matters at all times, and this philosophy carries through to our payment forms and purchasing options for your students. The best way to get an understanding of our purchase system for your students, is by checking out this short video on this page.