One of the best ways you can keep your studio financially healthy is by establishing a recurring revenue stream. Creating a recurring membership for your studio is a great way to establish a solid financial foundation, helps control your cash-flow peaks and valleys, and helps you create an environment that values community. With the Tula Software member management functionality you can create unlimited membership passes, or create membership passes with a set number of credits.

Learn how to create a membership pass, record a membership purchase, manage stored credit cards, view memberships and cancel active memberships below.


Create a Recurring Membership

To create a membership in your studio follow the instructions for creating a pass and select membership as the expiration type. 

Note: Before recording a recurring membership purchase you must connect or create a Stripe account to Tula so that you can process credit cards.



Record a Membership Purchase

When a student comes into the studio and wants to purchase a membership, you can record the purchase from the student's profile page or the event check in page.

If a student purchases a recurring membership from your online store, you do not need to follow these steps. All you need to do is match the online purchase. Once the payment is matched the credit card is automatically saved to the student's account and the membership is activated.

From the profile page or an event check in page select the membership pass in the record purchase drop down, select 'enter credit card' as the payment method, enter in the credit card details and record the purchase.



The membership purchase has now been successfully recorded and the student will be charged on the same day every month with the same payment method.

Note: If the student has a card on file you can can select that card number from the payment method drop down instead of entering the credit card number.


Manage Credit Cards

To manage a student's saved credit cards, search for and select a student by typing their name into the search box located at the top of every page. That will take you to the student's profile page. From there, click on the 3 dot menu icon and select 'manage credit cards'.



From here you can edit, delete and add new cards. However, if a membership pass is attached to credit card then it will cannot be deleted. If a membership payment is declined or if you want to change the credit card that pays for the membership pass then you have to edit the exsting card and update the detailsl to be the new card.



View & Manage Memberships

Go to memberships under payment center in the left navigation to view all the students that have purchased a recurring membership to your studio and are still active. At the bottom of this list you will see a link to view all of the past memberships in your studio.



Cancel Membership

To cancel a student's recurring membership, search for and select the student using the search box at the top of Tula. From the student's profile click on 'Purchases' and find the membership pass. Now simply click on the 'Do not renew' link. The pass will now expire on the date listed and the student will not be charged again.