There are a few ways that you can refund payments and/or remove purchases.

If the payment method was a Stripe card number you have the option to remove the purchase which will remove the pass/credits and also refund the payment to the card. Or you can refund the payment only and leave the purchase on the student's account.

If you wish to refund the payment and remove the purchase from the student's account simply search and select the student using the search bar at the top of any page. Once on the profile page select the purchases tab, find the pass you need to remove, click on 3 dot menu icon and remove pass & issue refund. This action will remove the pass and credits from the account and also refund the payment to the card (or any other payment method).

Once you have removed the purchases click on the payments tab and you will see the payment and also the refund.

If the payment method is a Stripe card number then you have the option to refund the student's card only. This action will refund the card but will keep the pass and credits purchased on the student's account. To do this simply click on the payments tab and select refund that is to the right of the Stripe payment.



After you have refunded the payment you can click on the payment tab again to see the refund.