Register for class without logging in when payment is not required

Find the class you want to register for on the studio's schedule. Click on 'Register', fill out the form and complete your registration.

If you are new to the studio then registering for a class will create your student account with the studio so once you are registered, you are all set!


Register without logging in when payment is required. (no class credits available).

If you do not have a valid pass that you wish to use to register for a class that requires payment, and if the studio allow guest access, then you do not have to log in. 

Click on 'Register' and select 'pay without login'


Select the pass you would like and then 'Purchase and Register for class'.


You have successfully purchased a pass and registered for a class. If you are new to the studio then this also created your account so you're all set!

**NOTE: Because you purchased your pass as a guest user, you will not be able to use your pass to register for more classes until the studio accepts your purchase. You will receive an email receipt of your purchase once they have accepted it and then you can proceed to login and use your pass to register for more classes. 


Log in to use an existing pass to Register for class when payment is required. (If the studio has guest access off, you will always need to log in to register for class)

If you have a pass on file with your studio that has valid credits, you will need to log in to use those credits to sign up for class. 

Go to the class on the schedule and click on 'Register' and select 'Login'.


Enter your email and password to log in, and continue back to the studio's website.


Now that you are logged in, you should see your name on the top right of the calendar.


Proceed by clicking on the 'Register' link again and confirm your registration.


Now you have successfully used your Iliad class pass to register for a class. You will receive an email confirmation for your registration.

If you have any questions or if you need a hand please reach out to us!