One major part of Tula's core functionality allows you to create and manage classes at your studio with simplicity. Learn about how regular classes work, how to create and manage classes below.



How it Works

Students will buy passes that will give them credits to attend a regular classes at your studio. Whenever someone is checked into a regular class, the system will always remove one credit from their account. While the cost of individual credits may vary depending on the pass that was purchased, when someone is checked into a regular class, credits will be removed from their account. It is often the case that one class costs one credit, however classes can cost however many credits you want, up or down to the half credit.

Learn more about the check-in process or if you're interested in learning how to have specific passes available only for certain classes, head on over to our section dedicated to special events.


Creating Classes

Tula's foundation allows students to purchase passes and use those passes to attend classes. Here you see how quick and easy it can be to create and manage classes at your business.


To create a regular class go to + new class or event -> one-time class or class series.

Class name/type & Instructor: Give the class a title and assign the instuctor. If the instructor is not in your studio be sure to learn how to add people to your studio.

Repeating Schedule: This is for a series of classes that will happen on the same day each week at the same time with the same instructor. Be sure to give the series a start date and end date. 

Custom Schedule: This will be for your one-time classes or a series of classes that happen on random days or times. Add as many dates as you like to the class series.

Calendar Settings: Make your class is visible to the public from your online calendar and select your registration settings

Embedded Calendar External URL: If you have description of this class or class series on your studio website then you can enter the link to that description here. This will hyperlink the event title on your calendar to that description page.

Save the event and voila!


Manage Regular Classes

Learn where you can view your class schedule, edit or delete classes and close classes down when the class has been completed.

View Classes: Go to View full calendar to see all classes in a calendar format. Or you can go to Today's schedule to view today's classes or use the jump to date section to pick a day to view.

Edit a Single Class: Find and click on the class you wish to edit from the full calendar page or from Today's Schedule page. Once you are viewing the class click on the 3 dot menu icon on the top right of the page and select edit.



Edit a Class Series: You can either edit an indivdual class that is apart of the series or you can update the series as a whole. To edit an indivudal class follow the same steps as editing a single class.

To edit the series as a whole click on one class of the series, click on the 3 dot menu icon on the right and select 'View Class Series'. From there you can click on 'Edit this Series' to make changes to the entire series.

When viewing the class series you can also add new dates to the series and you can edit the instructor of the indivdual classes in the series if you need to.



Delete Class or Class Series: When you edit a class or a series you have the option to delete the entire series or a single class. Once you get to the edited page of the class there will be a delete link you can use to delete the class.

NOTE: You cannot delete a class or an entire series if you have students that are pre-registered and/or already checked in to the class you are attempting to delete.

Closing a Class: After a class has come and gone you can close and lock a class so that no edits, changes and/or deletions can be made. To close a class, go to 'Today's Schedule' page. Next to each class you will see a 'Close class' button. Simply click that button to close and lock the class of your choosing. You can also find the 'Close class' button when viewing a class check in page. Once a class is closed you will see an option to 're-open' the class. You can re-open the class and make changes if you need to.