Conceptually, Special Event passes work the same way as regular passes: they give people the rights to attend a class, and they "pay" for the attendance. Special Event passes are explicitly tied to one or more special events, and can only pay for attendances to the special event(s) it has been associated with.

Learn how to create and manage special event passes below.


Create Special Event Passes


Your first special event pass will be created when you are in the process of creating your first special event. When you get to the 'Pass Assoication' step click on add a new pass and from there you can fill in the details of the pass.

Pass Name: Give the pass a name that describes what the student is purchasing.

Price: Set the price you would like to sell the pass for.

Uses: Give the pass unlimited or set a number of times the pass can be 'used' at assoicated special events.

Expiration Types: When you create a pass, you'll also set the Expiration Type on the pass, of which there are four options to choose form. 

Membership: Good for one month after purchase, automatically renews,  and records new purchases on the same day every month. 

Soft Expiration: Good for a certain number of days after purchase.

Hard Expiration: Expires on a certain day no matter when it is purchased.

No Expiration: Never expires, no matter when it's purchased.

Important: Special Events can have multiple special event passes tied to it, and likewise, an individual special event pass can be tied to many different special events.


Reuse Special Event Passes

When you create subsequent special events, you'll be able to attach previously created special event passes to it, while also always being able to create passes as well.

When you get to the 'Pass Assoication' step click on the button that says no passes selected and select from your previously created special event pass. This drop down will only show you special events passes and not regular class passes so if you do not see what you need, you can create new passes.

Manage Order, Edit, Archive and Trash Passes

Click or view/add passes and from there you can manage the order, edit, archive and trash special event passes.

Order: Rearrange the order of passes by clicking on the arrow to the right of the name, hold it down then drag and drop it into the spot you wish. This will be the same order you and your student will see from all purchase drop downs.

Edit: If you wish to edit a pass click on the settings icon to the left of the pass and select edit. From there you can make and save changes to the pass.

Archive: If you archive a pass it can no longer be purchased. If students have a pass that is archived then it will still be good to use until they are out of credits of the pass expires. Archived pass are also included in all reports.

Trash: Moving a pass to the trash means you are completely done using the pass and it should no longer be accounted for in reports of any kind.

Activate: From the archive or trashed passes page you can click on the settings icon and make the pass active. An active pass can be purchases and will be including in all reports.