The Tula Software Special Events functionality allows you to create specific classes, and passes that can be used for those classes, without affecting the an individual's account credits that are obtained from regular class passes. The special events feature is great for things like workshops, retreats and courses. Learn about how to create and manage your special events below.


How it Works

When you create a special event pass, instead of giving it credits, you indicate how many times is can be used at the associated special events.

Instead of removing credits from students when checking people in, we instead check to make sure that they have a pass for that special event that can still be used.

And of course, checking people into a special event is just as easy as a regular class. The only difference is, instead of showing you the number of credits they have left, we indicate for you whether they have a valid pass. And if a student needs to purchase a pass to that special event, we'll only show the valid passes as purchase options.

What's so nice about this implementation is that it's very open to a number of different use cases. Have a special event that consists of 15 classes? No problem! Have a single retreat, that can be handled too. Need to have a separate price to special events for members and non-members? That too can be handled with ease.

Creating Special Events

The foundation Tula is built on, which is that students buy passes, and these passes give people the rights to attend a class holds true while creating special events. Because of this, creating a special event with Tula is almost identical to creating a regular class.



To create a special event go to + new class or event -> one-time special event or special event series.

Class name/type & Instructor: Give the event a title and assign the instuctor to the class. If the instructor is not in your studio be sure to learn how to add people to your studio.

Repeating Schedule: This is for a series of events that will happen on the same day each week at the same time with the same instructor. Be sure to give the series a start date and end date. 

Custom Schedule: This will be for your one-time events or a series of events that happen on random days or times. Add as many dates as you like to the special events series.

Calendar Settings: Make your event visible to the public from your online calendar and select your registration settings. Learn more about how to setup default registration settings.

Pass Assoications: Students will need to buy the assiocated pass(es) in order to attend this special event. You can create new passes or you can use the drop down to select previously used special event passes. You will not find your regular passes in this pass list, it will only show you special event passes.

Embedded Calendar External URL: If you have description of this special event on your studio website then you can enter the link to that description here. This will hyperlink the event title on your calendar to that description page.

Save the event and voila!


View & Manage your Special Events

Go to View Special Events in the left navigation and from there you can view and manage all your upcoming special events. Click on one event to edit just that event. Click on view class series to edit the whole series. You can also create a new special event and view past events from this page.