Once you have embedded our website widgets into your site, students can create or claim an account. No matter what widget you use the process is going to be the same.

Once you have added students or once they have interacted with your business in some way and their email address is in the system, they can then claim their accounts. 

If they are new or if their email is not in the system then they can create their account by making a purchase or signing up for a class. They also have an option of directly creating an account.

Students have a variety choices on where they can claim or create their account from:

•Student Access widget

•Login link on the payment form or embedded calendar

•Student Portal

Claim Account - To claim their account they can enter their email address and Tula will send them an email that contains a link that will allow them to set their password.

Create Account - If Tula does not recognized the email address entered then the student can create a new account by entering in their perosnal info and also create a password.