Learn about the permission levels of each role that is available in Tula for you to assign to each person you add to your studio

When you add people to your studio, you can give them one of four permission levels. The permission levels are cascading, meaning that people with Instructor Access have all the rights of Student Access, and Desk Access has all the abilities of someone with Instructor Access. You do not need to add multiple profiles. For example, if someone is an instructor, and they also work at your desk, then you only need to give them desk access as that role comes with all the rights of the instructor role underneath it. The four permission levels and their authority within the system are:

  1. Administrator Access: Administrators have full access to your studio, and can run reports, export information and perform any action an owner can perform other than canceling the Tula Software subscription. Admin access should be given to people you trust with your student and financial information. 
  2. Manager: Cannot see reports or revenue but can do everything else an admin user can do.
  3. Desk Access: Users with Desk Access can view student profiles, handle payments, and check people into class.
  4. Instructor Access: Allows instructors to view your studio schedule, view students who attended their classes and use the find-a-sub feature for their own classes.
  5. Student Access: Students have the ability to view and manage only their own accounts.

Dashboard view for Administrators - Full Access


Dashboard view when logged in as a Desk Person


Dashboard view for Instructors


Student View using the Student Access Widget