We designed Tula will the philosophy that students should interact with your website and not Tula Software. So keeping to that philosophy we designed widgets that you can embed directly into your website so students can easily sign up for classes, make online purchases and even manage their account.

Unlimited widgets come with all Tula plans and they can even be customzied to blend in with your website design and colors. Our widgets include a CalendarPayment Form and Student Access

To see real world examples of how widgets are used please visit the Tula Yoga Studio website!

Watch an overview of how we put together the Tula Yoga Studio website, the widgets we used, why we used the widgets we used.



Calendar Widget

When we built our calendar functionality we didn’t just want the calendar to look great. We also wanted navigating in and out of the calendar to feel completely seamless to our customer’s students. Your yoga studio is unique, and so your website should be too!

Your students can view your class schedule, sign up for classes, buy passes to classes that require payment to sign up and if they are a returning customer they have the option to sign into their account. Last but not least, our calendars display a subscribe link so students can keep your class schedule at their fingertips using iCal or Google Calendar.

Learn how to embed Calendar!



Payment Form Widget

Our payment form allows you to give your students the ability to make purchases directly from your website without having to create an account with Tula first. Students can buy passes and also gift passes as a guest or they have the option to login if they are an existing student, but it is not required. 

Like all of our widgets, the payment form is responsive so it will look good on any device!

Learn how to embed Payment Form!



Student Access

The student access widget is a quick and easy way for your customers to manage their own account. You have the option to embed the Javascript code directly into your website or you can link to the student portal. Either way customers can register and unregister for classes, make purchases, edit personal information, view attendances and purchases, even manage credit cards. Also, the student access widget is completely responsive so it will look good in a sidebar or as it's own page. The options are endless!

Learn how to embed Student Access!