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Create a Tula Studio Account

To create an account head over to our marketing page and click on sign up. Enter your name, email, phone, studio name and set a password. Once you are signed up you can use Tula for 2 weeks for free! If you need a hand with anything at any time just let us know!

NOTE: If you're a student at an existing Tula Studio then you can visit their website to create an account. Creating an account from the steps above is for studio accounts only. Questions?

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Basic Studio Settings

Setting up your basic studio settings and registration settings will make working in Tula much easier and avoid future issues. 

Go to the menu on the top right where you will see your studio name and select Basic Studio Settings


Now set your timezone, currency, country code and redirect url.


Click on the menu on the top right again and select registration settings. For more info about registration, check this out!


Complete the registration settings and save!

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Create Schedule

With Tula this process is fast and easy and can be done in minutes. For a quick outline of creating your schedule, this is the place. If you need a more in-depth section with FAQs, check this out!

To start your schedule, go to +New class or event.


Select the class or event schedule type


Fill out class or event details and save. Now, time for passes!

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Create Passes

Creating the passes that you sell at your studio. Here again, the process is fast and easy. Also, if you still need more details you can go here!

To start your building your passes, click on Passes.


Now, Create a new pass.


Fill out class details and finish your pass menu.

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Connect Stripe

To start accepting credit cards in minutes you can connect a Stripe account to your Tula account. If you need more payment center details, this is the place to look!

Go to the menu on the top right and select Status: Not Connected.


Next, click on Connect with Stripe.


If you have an existing Stripe account you can sign in to connect it to Tula. If you are new to Stripe then sign up to create an account.


Once your Stripe account is connected the payment center status will be connected.

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Embed Website Widgets

Congratulations! If you have come this far you are ready to embed our website widgets and go live with Tula Software. Below is an overview on how to get the codes you need to embed the widgets. If you need a more in-depth look at how to setup and customize the widgets, check this out!

First, go to the payment form settings page and select the passes you want available online and for gift purchase.


From the same page click on the basic setup tab and copy the code in the blue box for the calendar. Paste this code into the backend of your website where you want the calendar to be. 


Now click on the payment form tab and copy the code in the blue box to embed the payment form. 


And lastly, click on the student access widget, copy code in blue box and embed into your website. 


We also have an Event Recordings widget that you can use. Check out our docs on Event Recordings for more info!

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Upgrade Tula Account

Now you are all setup and ready to upgrade your Tula account to a paid subscription. There are two places you can upgrade, one is on the studio center page when you first login.


The other is on the my account page by going to the menu on the top right with your studio name and select My Account. From there, click the upgrade button


Lastly, select your add ons, add your payment details and subscribe! Once you have subscribed we will reach out to help with any open items, questions or issues that may have come up!

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