Frequently Asked Questions:


How much does the email center cost?

Electronic Waivers come with our premium plan or can be added to the base plan for $25 a month. Read about how to upgrade!


What is the email center?

The email center allows you to send emails to any individual or any list of students in the app. It also comes with automated email triggers that can be setup on your passes. 


How do I send an email in Tula?

It's easy, once you are on a page you want to send an email from, just click the envelope icon. That will allow you to send an email to all students on that page. For more info visit our sending emails section.

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How many emails can be sent a month?

25k emails a month come with the email center but you can add another 25k for $25 more a month. Just reach out to us and we can set you up!


Can the retention center emails be used as a monthly newsletter?

Yes, you can send out a monthly newsletter through Tula. Just go to view all students, click the email icon and compose your newsletter.


Can images or files be attached to emails?

Currently, files cannot be directly attached to emails in Tula but you can link to images and other files. For example, you can put an image in your dropbox account and use the link in your Tula email.

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Does Tula integrate with any other email services?

Even though we are not directly integrated with other email services, you can easily export emails from Tula and upload them into the email service of your choice. Go to view all students, set the filter to joined before today's date, click the 3 dot menu icon and select download this list.

 NOTE: If you are using Safari, hold down the control button when you click on download this list and select download linked file


Can I save emails?

Yes, you can save your emails as templates. This makes it easy to reuse the same email in the future.

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How do I setup automated emails?

We have email triggers that are automated emails that are triggered when someone buys a pass. Check out more details about email triggers.


What is the from email address when I send an email through Tula?

We will display the from name you set when setting up the email center. The address behind the name is a system generated email address. 


Can people reply to my emails?

Yes, recipients can reply to your emails and they will go to the email address you set as the reply to address when setting up the email center

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Can I see email performance?

See all your email stats on the email outbox page.


How do I add people to an email?

Students can only be included in the email if they are listed on the page you are composing the email. 


Can I remove a student from an email?

You can unsubscribe the student from all emails but cannot remove them form a specific email if they are listed on the page where you are composing the email.

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Can students unsubscribe to my emails?

Yes, at the bottom of the email they receive from you will be an unsubscribe link. If they let you know they want to unsubscribe then go to their profile page in Tula, click the 3 dot icon and select unsubscribe.


If a student has unsubscribed but wants to resubscribed, what do I do?

Reach out to us with the student's name and email and we can help you subscribed them to your emails again.

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