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Selecting Delivery Options

The studio has control over the girt certificate delivery options that students can choose from when making a purchase.

From the bottom of the payment form settings page, select the delivery options you would like to make available.

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Hold at Studio

When a student selects hold at studio, that means you do not have to do anything with the pass until a student comes in with the gift pass to redeem it.

Or the buyer will come to the studio to pick up a physical gift certificate. If this is the case then you'll want to go to the gift certificate page, find the gift code and put it on a gift certificate and give it to the buyer.

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Send Via Mail

Send via mail means the buyer would like the studio to mail the physical gift certificate to the address provided

Go to the gift certificate page and grab the mailing address. Put the gift code on a physical gift certificate and mail it to the address

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Assign credits immediately

This means the studio can redeem the gift certificate to the recipients account right away. 

Go to the gift certificate page, copy the gift code and head over the recipient's profile page to redeem the pass

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