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Setup Gift Certificates

To make your passes available to purchase as a gift, go to payment form settings, make your passes available in your store then mark the passes  available as a gift. 

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Delivery Options

The studio has control over the girt certificate delivery options that students can choose from when making a purchase. For more details on how to handle each delivery option, check out this article!

From the bottom of the payment form settings page, select the delivery options you would like to make available.

  • Hold at studio - The studio will not redeem the pass until the recipient brings in the gift code or the buyer comes to the studio to pick a physical gift certificate.
  • Send via mail - You'll want to create a nice gift card that includes the gift code and mail to the recipient.
  • Assign credits immediately - The studio can redeem the gift pass to the recipient's account right away. If the recipient does not have an account you can create a new one and then redeem the gift.

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Record a Gift Purchase in Studio

You can record a gift certificate purchase in studio by going to Gift Certificates and New Gift Certificates Purchase

But first, if the buyer does not have an account in your studio you will need to add them as a new person.


Also, if the buyer is going to purchase the gift with a credit card it will need to be added to their account before continuing or you can simply click on the payment form link, logout on the top right corner of the form and fill it out for the buyer.


To continue the gift purchase, search for and select the buyer, select the pass type, the payment method and record the gift purchase.

Once the purchase is complete the buyer will receive an email with the gift code or you can provide them with a custom gift card of your own. Just remember to write the gift code on the gift card so the recipient can redeem it.

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Purchase a Gift Certificate Online

Purchasing a gift certificate is simple for your students. From the online payment form, select this is a gift, choose pass and fill out the form to complete the purchase.

An email will be sent to the buyer with the gift code that can be given to the recipient or they buyer will expect to the gift certificate to be delivered based on their delivery selection.

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How to Redeem a Gift Certificate

To redeem a gift pass you will need the gift code. Either the student can bring in the gift code or you can grab the gift code from the gift certificates page. From there, copy the code you need and head over to the recipients profile page.

In the record purchase drop down, select the pass type of the gift pass, select redeem gift as the payment method, paste in the gift code and record the purchase. 

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