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Testing Find a Sub

We are always here to help! If you need to test find a sub after troubleshooting an issue, please follow along:

  1. Create a fake class, assign the instructor you want to request a sub or any instructor if you want to test accepting a request and hide it from your online calendar.
  2. Request a sub and accept it.
  3. Make sure Tula updates the instructor on your calendar with the person who accepted it.

NOTE: Find a sub is only available in the US and Canada.


When attempting to accept a sub request, an error is thrown saying "Hi, this is Tula. We don't recognize your phone number. Please ask your studio to update your phone number"

This means you either do not have a country code in the front of your 10 digit phone number in Tula, the studio has the wrong number on file or you have been removed from the studio. Check with the studio to ensure they have the right number on file and it includes the country code. 


A sub has been requested but my staff member did not receive a text message, why?

First, check to make sure they have the correct cell number on file in Tula. Cell number must contain a country code. If not, edit their profile to add/edit their Phone. 

Second, make sure they have the correct permission level in Tula. Only Admin, Desk and Instructors will receive text messages when a sub is requested. If they are a student, edit their profile, change their role and save. 


If you continue to have issues or questions please reach out to us!