Frequently Asked Questions:


Can all info from my old system be transferred over to Tula?

ANSWER: We do not migrate all student history but what we do student info imports. Once you are ready to move to Tula, you should export reports of student purchase history, attendance history and anything else you might need once you close your old system. It will be a hard stop in your old system and you pick up where you left off in Tula. 


How long does it take to setup a Tula account and do a system migration?

ANSWER: It really depends on the time that is put into setting things up. We have seen accounts setup in a day and others in months. Every existing studio is different and the timeframe is really up to you. As for the student info migration, we get that scheduled for a day that works best for you. Often times the migration is scheduled for the same day as we receive the import file from you. If not the same day it will be done the next day or the day of your choice.


Do my students get notified when they are added to Tula during the import process?

ANSWER: No, we never send notifications to students when they are added to a Tula account from the studio side or when we do the student info import.


What if my trial ends before I import my student info?

ANSWER: No worries, just reach out to us and we can help reopen your trial and get your student info imported.


How do my student's login once they have been added to my Tula account?

ANSWER: Logging in is only required if the student wants to manage/view their account or if they want to use an existing pass to sign up for a class that requires payment. However, once a student has their email on file they can login from multiple places. First, is the student access widget that you can put on your website. Second, is from our embedded payment form, calendar or when signing up for a class or making a purchase. Third, is the student version of your Tula account. 


How do my instructors access Tula once they have been added to my Tula account?

ANSWER: When you add a staff member you will have the option to send them an invitation. However, if they have their email on file they can use it to set their password here. Just make sure they retrieve the email to set their password within 2 hours of requesting the email as the link will expire. If it does expire, delete the email and request a new one.  Also, make sure to review our roles and permissions to ensure you have given your staff the correct access level. 


When should I start using Tula and not my old system?

ANSWER: To avoid a lot of reconciling we recommend going through the setup process outlined here. Once you have imported your student info (if you are migrating from another system) and have embedded the widgets on your website then you should go live with Tula and stop using your old system. Of course, you might have a special case that needs to do things differently so you can reach out to us if you need help or have further questions.


How do I give a student credits without charging them?

ANSWER: If you had your student info imported by us then you will have a pass called a migration pass in your archived passes. Go to this pass, activate it, edit the pass to come with as many credits as you need to give and add an expiration date. Now go to the student's account and record the purchase of the migration pass to give them the credits. The migration pass is $0 so it will not record revenue. If you did not import student info then you can create a $0 pass that comes with credits and give that to the students who need credits. 


Can I bring my student's credit card info over to Tula?

ANSWER: Yes, Stripe will import your credit card info for free. How this works is you want to create a Stripe account, reach out to them and they will work with your old merchant service to move credit card info to your new Stripe account. We have some details about migrating credit card info.

It is very important that your old provider does not send you or us credit card info!


How do I move over auto renewing memberships if I do not migrate my credit card info?

ANSWER: When we do the student import for you, we will give your unlimited students an Unlimited Migration pass that will expire on the day they would normally renew. You will need to collect their credit card info and add it to their account so you can charge them for a membership pass in Tula that will renew moving forward. You can send the students the link to the student portal where they can login and add their card to their account or you can collect their card info when they come into the studio.


Where is Stripe supported?

ANSWER: You can see all the countries where Stripe is supported here


Do I have to use Stripe or can I use a merchant service of my choice?

ANSWER: Tula only integrates with Stripe but if you want to use an outside provider you can do so. If you record a pass purchase in the outside system make sure to give the student the pass in Tula and use unsaved credit card as the payment method. This way you know what payments came from the outside system when you run your payment history report in Tula and the student can use their pass to sign up and attend classes. Also, keep in mind that you cannot use our online payment forms or memberships if you do not use Stripe. Because of this some studios will use Stripe for online payments and memberships and the outside system for everything else.


If you did not find the answers you were looking for please reach out!